Leadership is a process which can be enhanced by training and skills enhancement. Everyone has some level of leadership capacity and some have the desire to increase and improve their Leadership skills. If you have the desire and willpower, you can become a skilled effective leader. Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and learning experiences. This 5-day leadership program is designed for you!

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  LPT: Leading High Performing Project Teams

Participants in this fast-paced, highly engaging workplace simulation tell us they have two breakthrough insights, and both insights explode previously-held myths.

Old myth #1: Leaders are born, not made
New research: The skills of leadership are learned

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  MBP: Managing By Project

Can you meet or beat the three objectives of project management-time, cost and scope---consistently?

Do you know how to use the basic tools of project management---Project Charter, Work Breakdown Structure, Network Diagram, Bar Chart, Risk Management Plan, Communications Plan and KPIs---together?

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  GOC: Guiding Organizational Change

Do you want . . .

. . . to make organization changes faster
. . . with less resistance and greater employee commitment
. . . less organization disruption
. . . and achieve more
. . . with every organizational change?

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There are 4 Leadership program offerings that I can provide to clients.  To review the contents of each program “click” on the left side tab to open a brief description. A full description is available by selecting more information inside each information window.

The 3 Circles picture below is a roadmap to all of the programs available. You can click in each circle to see the different Leadership, Innovation Thinking and Synergy programs available.



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