Dr. Dale Scott Deardorff

Dale S. Deardorff, DM, is a dynamic, energized leader known for his ability to change the way organizationsthink and act. Aself-proclaimed leadership futurist and acknowledged authority on process and systemic innovation methods; he is a mentor and a catalyst of renewal to many forward thinking profit and non-profit organizations. Dale has a passion for imparting the values of goals of sustainability while balancing the social contradictions of ethics and personal choice.

Dr. Deardorff continues as an instructor for the Business and Management bachelor's program at DeVry and Keller Management schools. For over 8 years he has facilitated classes on Project Management and Human Resources & Communication in Project Management classes.

For over 12 years, he has run Fesserdorff Consulting with a focus on training and teaching "Thinking" tools for Innovation and Organizational performance. He is a prolific extroverted speaker, prominent facilitator, and pioneer in the development & integration between individual thinking preferences and team based performance outcomes. With over 30 years of previous professional experience as a project/program manager, a training consultant, a research and development director, an innovation and a change agent, Dale has often been called a renaissance man.

Dale has master's degrees in 2-dimensional design and engineering and a doctoral degree in organizational leadership. Dr. Deardorff completed 2 years in an Executive Jurist Doctorate program specializing in Intellectual Property, Trademark and Patent law. Dale is currently writing a manuscript on Think-tion® describing the process of integrating specific thinking steps into prescribed action statements.

His current efforts as the Director of Innovation and Strategic Thinking for the Rocky Peak Leadership Center will be to establish an integrated Innovation International research program using the © Innovation Cube and HBDI™ toolsets. Additionally he is focused on creating "Thinking" development programs for young adults.

Dale is also responsible for promoting and overseeing strategic relationships with external entities including business, government and partner organizations. He develops and implements regional strategic and operation plans for the leadership team addressing: the mission, development issues, access, quality improvement, financial performance, market assessment/analysis, human resources and information management. He is currently working to bring industry thought leaders together with experts to seed innovation thinking and enable collaboration in design, technology, products, services and business models.

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