First let me introduce myself and tell you that I can help you and your organization move forward in a positive direction.

The purpose of Fesserdorff Consultants is to provide a consulting representative (me) who can help you and your Teams. Having worked for aerospace, commercial and government organizations, I have over 30 years of experience with many different cultures and helped to resolve many issues and problems in addition to helping create many new opportunities and ideas.

I specialize in working with small groups and executive teams to help with facilitation, consulting, teaching and interventions in the areas of Leadership and Innovation.  Additionally I have a unique specialization in thinking methods and thinking tools where my primary focus is to try to help you learn “How to Think – not what to Think”. As a systems thinker I embrace a process understanding of the interconnections of all people from a sustainability perspective.

To understand your needs I try to spend as much personal time as necessary up front in person or by phone, email and Skype communication so that after you have hired me we can meet or exceed our shared goals.


Contact Information:

Dale S. Deardorff
Email Address: d.s.deardorff@att.com
Phone Number: (818)703-4444

Mailing Address:

11238 Sierra Pass Place
Chatsworth Ca, USA 91311

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