How It's Done

As a consultant my role is to partner with clients to provide objective advice, expertise and specialist skills to help create value. If I cannot provide the direct service you are requesting I can usually provide you the name and contact information for someone who can. Additionally I gladly partner with other consultants to provide specific services if requested by clients. The goal is always to find a way to help you move forward in a positive direction.

There are two different  methods for engaging my Consulting services.

The first method is to use my Consulting services by the hour, day or week.  These tend to be Project based and we can support both short term and long term contracts.

The second method is to pick a Leadership, Innovation or Thinking program that I represent as a certified facilitator. These tend to be single or multiple day events which can be tied to your strategic implementations.

Traditionally I travel to your location to provide services, but I also coordinate activities local to Southern California and travel anywhere domestically in the United States. When requested I can support international travel to Canada, Europe and certain areas of Asia. If clients need me to coordinate the event location, lodging and logistics this can be done with a financial deposit to cover reserved services.



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