Lateral Thinking

"Lateral Thinking is for changing concepts and perceptions" - With logic you start out with certain ingredients just as in playing chess you start out with given pieces. But what are those pieces? In most real life situations the pieces are not given, we just assume they are there. We assume certain perceptions, certain concepts and certain boundaries.


The Sustainably efforts that are engaged in by the Rocky Peak Leadership Center are all non-profit PRIZM Gamestorming events. As part of our social contract with PRIZM we run or support a minimum of 6 events per year.

Our goal is to help expose individuals and organizations into a new style of innovation and creativity model based upon a game. The game starts with a “Quest” which is the solution to a problem or an issue. Similar to Idealized Design you start the first step of the game with the end in mind. You are then channeled through a series of steps constructed to allow a cognitive decomposition of the problem into the Who, What and Where to expose interconnected influences and connected functions.

  Think'n Workshop

Innovators and problem solvers know there is more than one right answer. Some people need training and others want facilitations or innovative meetings. Many people want more tools, while others search for innovation processes or models.

There are 3 Innovation program offerings that I can provide to clients.  To review the contents of each program “click” on the left side tab to open a brief description. A full description is available by selecting more information inside each information window.

The 3 Circles picture below is a roadmap to all of the programs available. You can click in each circle to see the different Leadership, Innovation Thinking and Synergy programs available.



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