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Leadership is a process which can be enhanced by training and skills enhancement. Everyone has some level of leadership capacity and some have the desire to increase and improve their Leadership skills. If you have the desire and willpower, you can become a skilled effective leader. Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and learning experiences. This 5-day leadership program is designed for you!

There are five key “Leadership” areas that intermediate & senior Leaders and Executives need to help move their organizations forward in a positive direction. Understanding these is critical to establishing a balanced interconnected leadership style and practice.

Each of these skills comprises a 1-day module which the participant experiences on a personal & customized level. The areas of Strategic Leadership, Innovation Leadership, Systemic Leadership, Communication Leadership and Sustainability Leadership comprise the program themes. Individually each of these Leadership themes is an individual art and journey but integrated together they become a complete pallet of Leadership competencies to help you become one of the best in your company or corporation.

The program material can be presented in a 1 Week (5-day) format or in five separate 1-day sessions if requested. Additionally the material in the case studies can be customized to represent scenarios representing your organization.

Upon completion of this 5-day program you will have a thorough understanding of:


Strategic Leadership Session:

Understanding Strategic Leadership means clarity into the vision and direction for the growth and success of your organization. To successfully deal with change, you need the skills and tools for both strategy formulation and implementation. Leading change and uncertainty requires strategic leaders who not only provide a clear sense of direction, but who can also build ownership, accountability and alignment within their workgroups to move forward. The skills discussed in this session are:

  • Strategic Leader
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Strategic Acting
  • Strategic Influence
  • Strategic Learning

Strategic leaders apply many of the basic leadership skills and actions they mastered as organizational leaders; however, strategic leadership requires additional skills that are more integrated, complex, and timely for creating strategic actions.  Strategic leaders have a passion and desire to allow the organization and its members to move forward in a positive direction. Leaders must be attuned to the signals that provide them with anticipated insight about the needs and wants of their team members, management teams, stakeholders, and suppliers. As a leader, you must know who your customers are and why they have chosen you and your organization over a competitor.

Innovation Leadership Session:

The term innovation is derived from the Latin word innovatus, which is the noun form of innovare, meaning "to renew or change," stemming from in-"into" + novus-"new".  Leading Innovation is the process of leading more effective productsprocessestechnologies, or ideas that are embraced by your customer immediate markets and future needs. The skills discussed in this session are:

  • New Market Spaces
  • Creating Breakthrough’s
  • Winning Business Ideas
  • Points of Differentiation
  • Leading Disruptive Change

Innovation is fundamental to your organizations competitive strength. Innovation initiatives need to be linked to ideas that can lead to potential return on investment.  As a Leader you must move away from the mindset of talking about innovation and into a new mindset of “doing it” every day. A clear understanding of your market, view of the opportunities available and a series of feasible implementation strategies are required as a minimum. To take your organization to the next level requires a leader that is dedicated to making innovation a cultural norm. Truly innovative leaders are open to hearing opportunities at every level. They foster open communication and review how they successfully do everything from simple adaption to optimizing functioning processes to radical change.

Systemic Leadership Session:

Systemic refers to something that is spread throughout, system-wide, affecting a group or system such as a body, economy, market or society as a whole.  Leadership has been described as the “process of influence in which one person can help direct and motivate others to accomplishment of a common goal.  When interacting with these in a business system you are engaged with interconnected parts that as a whole and exhibit behavior not obvious from the properties of the individual parts. The skills discussed in this session are:

  • Performance and Feedback
  • Ethics and Value
  • Organizational Cultures
  • Systems Thinking
  • Systemic Leadership

Systemic Leadership examines how technology has fostered an era of collaboration, connectedness, and networked knowledge that demands a new systemic approach to leadership and change in organizations. This includes customizing your organizations solutions into a systemic format composed from new ways of relating, influencing change, learning and leading. The practice of systemic leadership challenges you to formulate new assumptions that can help explain your organizational connections and interconnections. Applying these assumptions to your personal leadership style can help transform your leadership perspective.

Communication Leadership Session:

One component of the way you lead is through communication.  Some of it is verbal but much of it is nonverbal.  What and how you communicate the Vision, Mission, Purpose, Goals and Strategies either builds or harms the relationship between you as a leader and your followers. Listening is accomplished with more than just your ears, it encompasses your head and heart. The skills discussed in this session are:

  • Transforming Organizations
  • Vision and Strategy
  • Listening and Learning
  • Organization of the Future
  • Leading Change

As described communication is one key to great leadership. For over 20 years of personal leadership I have continued to hear from teams and people that in today’s organizations that good news seem to travel very slow, but bad news travels at lightning speed. Finding a balance knowing when to over-communicate as a leader is a balance that can only be perfected by practice. But, understanding how we must listen as leaders prior to communicating a message is as important as getting the message right the first time. Honest communication without inconsistencies and apparent contradiction is required to resonate a positive message to help move your organization forward.

Sustainability Leadership Session:

Sustainability Leadership is based on a philosophy of re-thinking behaviors (patterns) in the organization to create long-term business successes. This may also require changes in your organizations processes (physical structures), operations, and priorities to create a clearly understood set of values. The term Sustainability is a holistic term that also involves viewing the wholes and complete system changes proposed with a clear focus on the context in which the business operates. The skills discussed in this session are:

  • Sustainability versus Un-sustainability
  • The Complexity of Purpose Systems
  • Learn how to Learn
  • Leadership Revolution
  • Sustainability in Action

Leading sustainability is about finding new ways to live and work on planet earth that support the ability for all living systems to be able to thrive indefinitely. There are three required cornerstones for sustainability; People, Planet and Profit.  Sustainability also means examining any decision to determine its business or institutional value, which involves the financial (prosperity) bottom line, as well as the potential costs and benefits to the other areas. This is a path to what is called the “Triple Bottom Line.”

Program Texts:


Prior to the program session the participant is requested to read the relevant session reference material so they can engage in constructive dialogue and collective discussion of material case studies.

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