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The ©Innovation Cube is a 64-question diagnostic survey. The answers indicate your individual and organizational Innovation characteristics. Because it is a self-analysis, most people immediately recognize correlations between their results and their perception of the innovation environment in which they participate.

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The In2:In Thinking Network was formed in 2001 by a group of students of the work of W. Edwards Deming and related theorists. The aim of our network is to make thinking about systems, variation, knowledge, and psychology, and their interaction - which comprises Deming's system of profound knowledge - more conscious. We believe that such thinking about thinking, which we call "inthinking," will allow people to better perceive relationships and interdependencies in human endeavors, and consequently act to make those endeavors more valuable, more satisfying, and more joyful.

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There are 2 Synergy Connections that I make available to clients. 

The Innovation Cube is an international innovation measurement survey and profiling tool. It has been used in my Doctorate research to measure organizational and personal innovation capabilities and is currently being used in my post-doctorate research.

The is a dedicated and talented group of Systems Thinkers who embrace the philosophies of Edward Deming, Russell Ackoff, Edward de Bono and others. I have been partnered with them for over 10 years and make the connection to the organizations thought leaders and yearly conference available to all who want to share and learn.

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