To hire me..It’s as simple as...1..2..3!

Click on the image and you will be sent to a web form that allows you to request services. When  the electronic form is completed and submitted it will go directly to me with a simple description of the Scope, Cost and Schedule requirements. You will receive a contact email immediately and a phone call back from me within 48 hours to discuss and book your job.

1. Scope -

The Scope required is a description of the work you want me to do for you. It can either be Consulting which has different description types or it can be a specific Program offered by Fesserdorff Consultants.
Consulting service descriptions can be found under the What I Do tab in the main navigation bar.

2. Cost -

The Cost of my services are broken down into hourly rates and program rates. Both costs are posted for all deliveries in the cost and booking page. Individual Consulting rates can range between $1250.00- $1750.00 per day depending on the service requested. Leadership, Innovation, and Thinking Program cost are determined by the type, materials and event locations. All costs are listed on the Prices page

3. Schedule –

The Schedule for the service you’re requesting is critical. My primary goal is to help you on the day and times that work best for you. Use the form calendar in the electronic form to identify the date(s) and time(s) you need. If there is urgency to the start please feel free to call me at 818-703-4444. If this is an offsite event and you need to have participants  travel to the event we can work around any booking requirements needed.





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