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Dr. Dale DeardorffDale S. Deardorff is a dynamic, energized leader known for his ability to change the way organizations think and act. A self-proclaimed leadership futurist and acknowledged authority on process and systemic innovation methods; he is a mentor and a catalyst of renewal to many forward thinking profit and non-profit organizations. Dale has a passion for imparting the values of goals of sustainability while balancing the social contradictions of ethics and personal choice.

He has designed and implemented a Think-tion® cognitive design that integrates thinking styles and desired outcomes and expectations. This process for thinking has matrixed over 36 unique thinking-to-action purpose statements which can provide 9 specific value based results from Leadership to Opportunity and Safety to Excellence.

Dale has over 30 years Project and Program management experience working on NASA ISS Space Station systems, KKV (Kinetic Kill Vehicle) Theatre Defense, X-33 Linear Aerospike, RS-83/84 propulsion development, ABL (Airborne Laser) Management Information Systems (MIS), Satellite Development design and testing, Advanced Energy Systems, Process Development and external Subcontract Management.

He has a MA in Design & MS in Automation Engineering from Cal State University Northridge, a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from The University of Phoenix Tempe. He completed two years at Concord Law School.

Mr. Deardorff has also served for over 15 years supporting the Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation http://www.hoby.org in many roles ranging from a Seminar Vice-Chair to Ambassador Counselor. He continues to foster the vision to help young adults “Learn how to think” – “Not what to think”. He supports the HOBY Cal. LA and Cal Central Leadership sites and runs the Cal Central Ambassador Mentorship Program where his consulting company has sponsored HOBY WLC (World Leadership Congress) participation.

Dr. Deardorff is a certified instructor for Parallel Thinking, Lateral Thinking and Direct Attention Thinking Tools. He is a certified Innovation TRIZ (Theory of Innovative Problem Solving) Master through Invention Machine and lectures on Leadership, Thinking Preferences and Styles and Quantum Organizations. Dale teaches distance learning in Project Management and Project Management Communications for DeVry University/Keller Graduate School of Management focusing on facilitating students to understand the leadership and management responsibilities in business environments. Mr. Deardorff a member of the In2InThinking network http://www.in2in.org since 2001 and an active member of the event Forum Planning Team. As a transplanted Southern California native, in his off time he likes to mountain bike at the beach and plays volleyball.

Topics: Innovation, Leadership, Synergy, Working Together, Thinking Together tools and methods

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